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Bulky Item Pick Up

Founders Walk will begin offering a weekly large item pick-up service beginning on Monday, January 20th. This includes large, bulky items such as furniture and electronics. Moving forward, please leave all large items in the trash enclosures on Sunday evenings, and they will be picked up on Mondays. Please be mindful not to block entry to the trash bins.

December 2018 Manager’s Messages


The holidays are upon us.  If possible, let’s slow down some during the holidays and use this time for reflection and to give thanks.  All of us here at Action are thankful to be able to work with so many of you in an effort to help make communities better.   We would like to share some reasons why people who live in community associations also have several reasons to be thankful.


Community associations  often  provide amenities that single homeowners would not otherwise be able to afford.   These include things such as clubhouses, tennis courts, pools, play areas  and others that are only  possible due to the fact that a community association exists. 


Community associations help retain and improve the standard of living and property values within a community.   While all owners sometimes wish that a particular restriction did not apply to them, most are grateful that the restrictions apply to their neighbors. The restrictions prevent a neighbor from using his or her property in such a way that adversely impacts the surrounding homes.  


Community associations help keep taxes low. Since many amenities and other things such as streets are installed within community associations and subsequently maintained by community associations, the municipalities have less to build and maintain. Residents within those municipalities benefit from lower taxes and can choose a community with more amenities (and higher assessments) or fewer amenities (and lower assessments).


Community associations provide for the most local control. The owners within each particular community can control their future by electing their own board of directors and changing their own rules and restrictions.


Community associations help with safety issues. Some community associations have gates and others have patrols. Many have facilitated block watch and similar organizations. The deed restrictions also provide some help in making the community safer.


Community associations maintain property that owners do not or cannot maintain themselves. Some associations take care of roofs and exteriors of buildings. Others take care of landscaping in the front yard. This is often valuable to people who cannot or do not want to undertake such responsibility.


Last, but most importantly, Community associations can help build a sense of community. The trend is that more communities are hosting social and charitable events. This helps create and nurture a sense of community that makes people want to live in a certain neighborhood.


Termite Treatment and Inspections 2020

The Board of Directors will be undertaking the Association’s first Termite Inspections and treatment! The project will likely begin in the first quarter of 2020 due to resident travel during the holidays, and is a great way to kick-start the year!

Please keep an eye out for the termite inspection notices that will be mailed in the upcoming weeks. The Founders Walk Board of Directors is excited to show you your monthly HOA dues hard at work!


Mosquitoes have been rampant in the area this year due to the heavy rainfall in early 2019! The Founders Walk Board of Directors and Management have been working diligently with OC Vector Control and have been notified that the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District is scheduled to spray for mosquitoes on Tuesday October 1st through Thursday October 3rd inside of the Association. Per the Director of Operations, residents will be notified via a post card on the doors.

Please continue to use other methods to protect yourself as you see appropriate!

Be Vigilant!

Management has received reports of suspicious activity in the Community. As you know, the Board recently approved a gate code change to help reduce traffic from non-residents from entering the Association. However, we strongly encourage that you be extra mindful and vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately. The Association reminds you that owners are always responsible for their own safety and that the Police Department is the appropriate recourse when there is suspicious activity. We also recommend and encourage owners to lock their vehicles, and to keep valuables out of sight at all times to possibly deter break-ins.

Buena Park Police Department 714-562-3901; Emergencies dial 9-1-1


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